40 Years of PEOPLE, PLACES and IDEAS

Since 1974, the KEPHART team has been dedicated to the idea that EVERYONE deserves a well designed place to live. For us, this means creating great homes and communities regardless of the project type or how challenged the budget might be.  We see quality design being something for EVERYONE, not just the wealthy (although we would design a home for Peyton in a “hurry, hurry” if he called). We believe that home is where the HEART is, which is why at KEPHART we specialize in residential design and land planning.

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Having designed over 500,000 homes from apartments, to single family and assisted living, when you work with KEPHART you can be assured that you are working with the best. We invest heavily in technology and training that is tailored to our expertise in housing.    

In addition to being great designers, the KEPHART team is dedicated to giving back to the communities we serve. From rebuilding homes in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina, to lifting a hammer with Habitat for Humanity, you will see the KEPHART team in action throughout the community making a difference.     

People sometimes ask what the key to our longevity has been. (Beer on Fridays! Just kidding, but it does help.) It is having great clients that trust and believe in us. It is solving tough problems while saving money for our development partners.  It is having FUN and loving what we do.    

We are KEPHART and we are proud to be 40. We are not over the hill, we are just hitting our stride.  We look forward to being 50, and can’t wait to see what 100 will bring. Join us and experience the KEPHART difference.