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EVERYONE deserves a well designed place to live


PEOPLE. The location where people live, work and play forms the physical structure of a community. But the daily interaction between these people in a specific location creates the ‘sense of community’.

At KEPHART, our goal is to ensure that each of the communities we design offer components to encourage relationships between the people who call it home.


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PLACES. Crafting a living environment to promote community interaction is a primary goal of land planning at KEPHART.

The relationship of buildings to each other, to open space, to streets and the natural features of a site requires careful consideration. It is important to create places to support contemplation, gathering, action or conversation.


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IDEAS. At KEPHART, we see architecture as rooted in relationship and innovative ideas. It is the design of meaningful spaces and buildings with sensitivity to the human uses they contain and nurture.

KEPHART's commitment to design and personalized service, allows us to work with clients to develop design solutions that are responsive to project objectives.

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